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Andrew Okaro



Clinical  Hypnotherapist  DCH

Relationship Healer & Coach

Law of Attraction Tutor

Energetic Therapist


I became interested in self development at a very young age, fascinated by the human mind and what drives people to success or failure. After working as a freelance artist for many years, I decided to give this up and become a change agent. I have over ten years experience of working in the self development field, and I’m passionate and dedicated to helping others uncover their true potential and achieve their goals.


My 1-2-1 sessions are structured according to each client’s specific goals and needs. I will provide guidance and support to help move you into a more positive state of being. During the sessions we identify any emotions and thought patterns preventing you from  enjoying life, and manifesting your full potential. I’ll get to the root cause of any emotional blocks, and help you eliminate them for good.


I use a variety of therapeutic aids including:


Hypnotherapy • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) • Reiki Healing

PTT (picture tapping technique) • Guided Meditation • EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Creative Visualization • Law of Attraction Processes


I I’ll assist with:

Career Development

Post Traumatic Stress

Self confidence


Unlocking your creativity


Quiting Smoking

Inner Peace


Creating Abundance

Love & Relationships

Family Issues




Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy DCH from ICH London


Level 2 EFT Practitioner from EFT Academy


Level 2 Reiki Practitioner






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