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So what is abundance? It’s more than just having money. There are many people who earn lots of money yet live incredibly unhappy lives, so they turn to drink, drugs and promiscuous relationships to fill the void that money alone has not provided them.


Abundance is to live happily and healthily, doing what you love doing while getting paid lots of money for it. Money is a physical manifestation of the energy of abundance.












Your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious have a direct effect on your money, work and finances. The unconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and it dictates most of your behaviour.


Many people consciously want success and more money, yet rarely achieve this due to unconscious limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. A lot of our limiting believes come from our parent’s, society and the media.

30 minutes into a session with me and you’ll understand exactly what your limitations are and where they came from. We’ll work on clearing these emotions using NLP, hypnosis and an energy clearing technique which works faster and more effectively than EFT.


I’ll guide you in the process of knowing what it is you really want, and discovering the steps needed to get you to your goal.


I’ll guide you on a journey to tap into unlimited source energy, and connect with the vibrational frequencies that match the success you desire. As a client you’ll receive hypnosis MP3’s and other downloads to aid your progress outside of the sesssions.

   I can help with:


- Getting clear on your life purpose

- Expanding your business to the next level of success

- Building your self worth

- Finding your unique skills and abilities

- Being confident around money

- Indentifying and clearing your parents beliefs      

- Attracting more clients to your  business

- Clearing any ancestral energies related money

- Using your intuition to attract more abundance

- Earning passive income

Do you want more financial abundance NOW?


Want to work with me?


I offer new clients a FREE no obligation Skype consultation, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can decide if it's right for us to work together.


Contact Details:


Skype: Andrew_Is_Ok (Andrew Okaro)


Phone: 07946444755


Email: [email protected]

Some examples of limiting beliefs: 


"I can’t earn money doing what I love"

"If I earn more I’ll pay more taxes"

"It’s wrong to earn money using my gift"

"I should only earn enough to get by"

"Money is for saving not spending"

"Earning money is hard work"

"Money is the root of all evil"

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