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Auragraphs are symbolic representations of your aura, which tell the story of your life in pictorial form. Your auragraph is unique to you and reflects upon important aspects of your past, present and possible futures. From this it’s clear to see the root cause of current issues, why you attract certain energies to you and karmic lessons that need to be balanced.


Whilst creating an auragraph I tap into what many people call the source, the collective unconscious, or the Akashic records, so I often draw impressions from past life’s which are relevant to now. My auragraphs also feature the tree of life, which is a map of your consciousness, it reflects your DNA coding giving insight and guidance into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well begin.  


Your Auragraph comes with a set of personalized affirmations, which can be posted world wide along with the original artwork. If you would like your own auragraph, or want more info on the subject, please email me.


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