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A loving relationships is something that many people crave for, yet this area of life is often neglected, while climbing the career ladder and family life takes precedence.  Recent positive psychology models of human well being continue to stress the significance of relationships to our happiness. If you’ve been single for some time the thought of compromise could seem like a challenge too far, this can keep you locked in what’s known as your comfort zone.


Lack of attraction or attracting a certain type is no coincidence, this is due to unconscious feelings and thought patterns which you might not be aware of, this means you could be on 20 different dating sites and still attract the same type.

A good coach can help you see the bigger picture and direct you in a professional way which friends, family and colleges can’t.  A good coach can help you in identifying your unconscious beliefs, eliminate your fears and emotional blockages, and open your heart to receive the loving relationship you fully deserve.  


Why work with me?


I have a very unique approach to personal development, which has transformed my own life and the lives of many clients. As a therapist  I’m able to identify any limiting belief, or unconscious influence blocking your success, and help transform them for good. My approach is a combination of life coaching, hypnotherapy, EFT, creativity and advanced law of attraction techniques. The sessions are designed to be insightful, fun and empowering, in addition to unlocking your creativity you can expect to see positive changes in other areas of your life and your general well being.


I can help you with:


Removing emotional attachments to ex partners

Healing past relationships

Healing & opening the heart centre

Releasing fears and blockages

Changing recurring relationship patterns

Mother child issues

Feeling complete within yourself

Dealing with divorce

Balancing the masculine & feminine within

Sexual Disfunction

Defining what you really want out of a relationship  

Attracting a new partner

Self love & Acceptance

How to communicate authentically


I offerr free 30 minute consultation via telephone or skype, where I’ll describe my work in more detail, and we can both decide whether it would be beneficial to work together.

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