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I've been exploring the psychology of relationships for over a decade now, this has involved a lot of soul searching and learning from my own experiences. Recent positive psychology models of human well being continue to stress the significance of relationships to our happiness.


Lack of chemistry or constantly attracting a certain type can cause a lot of frustration. Some examples of personality types include the unavailable, the abusive, the player, the narcissist etc...












Having a better relationship starts with the self, and changing the environment of your inner world. You may know people who are on numerous different dating sites/apps, go on thousands of dates and still see no progress. Or perhaps this is you?


I can help in uncovering the clues that allow you to enhance and repair relationships, to recognise the recurring patterns that may have  repeated with different partners. Some example's of recurring patterns include:


• The co – dependency pattern

• The angry parent - rebellious child pattern

• The friend - zone pattern

• The dominant – Submissive

• The ghost – clinger  



Why work with me?


My approach combines hypnotherapy, EFT, energy clearing and coaching. I’m able to identify any limiting belief, or unconscious influence blocking your success, and help transform them for good. The sessions are designed to be insightful, fun and empowering, in addition to unlocking your creativity you can expect to see positive changes in other areas of your life and your general well being


I’ll guide you in the process of knowing what it is you really want, learning to love you, and discovering the steps needed to create relationship success. I’ll guide you on a journey to tap into unlimited source energy, and connect with the vibrational frequencies that match the relationship success you desire. As a client you’ll receive hypnosis MP3’s and other downloads to aid your progress outside of the sesssions.


I can help you with:


• Removing emotional attachments to ex partners

• Healing past relationships

• Healing & opening the heart centre

• Releasing fears and blockages

• Changing recurring patterns

• Parental issues

• Creating healthy boundaries

• Feeling complete within yourself

• Dealing with divorce

• Balancing the masculine & feminine within

• Sexual Disfunction

• Defining what you really want out of a relationship  

• Attracting a new partner

• Self love & Acceptance

• Powerful verbal and non verbal communication

Do you want better relationships NOW?


Want to work with me?


I offer new clients a FREE no obligation Skype consultation, where I can tell you more about my work, and we can decide if it's right for us to work together.


Contact Details:


Skype: Andrew_Is_Ok (Andrew Okaro)


Phone: 07946444755


Email: [email protected]

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