Law of Attraction - Love & New Relationships Workshop

Sunday April 23rd
Artilery Arms
102 Bunhill Row
London, EC1Y 8ND
(5 minutes walk from Old Street)
12.15pm - 4.00pm
Price: £20

This workshop is for men and women who are single and those who want to enhance their existing relationship. We’ll be exploring what love is? How to draw more of it into your life? And dispelling some common myths on the subject.

We’ll be using simple yet powerful exercises, incorporating the Law of Attraction, life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, and self development techniques, to remove emotional blocks, allowing you to move out of your comfort zone and attract the relationship you desire.

The class will involve sharing experiences, and going deep within yourself to gather inner resources, to generate self love and confidence. The main focus of the workshop will be on manifesting your dream.

You’ll learn how to get even closer to your goal through another very powerful exercise in Quantum Jumping, here you’ll be taken to a reality where you’ve already achieved your dream. You’ll be able to connect with this other version of you, and bring their wisdom, energy and vibration back to this reality.

Exercises will involve working in pairs and working as a group

The session will also involve:

Emotional Cord Cutting

Healing Past Relationships

Confidence boosting techniques

Becoming a vibrational match to your souls mate

Insight & tips for success

+ and much more in a relaxed supportive environment

Please bring a pen and note pad.

All Participants will receive a Quantum Jumping MP3 which which can be downloaded and used for personal growth.

Price: £20

Exploring Past Lives - Parental ties & Rebirth
Friday May 5th
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Bonnington Centre
11 Vauxhall Grove,
London SW8 1T

During this workshop you’ll be guided on a spiritual inner journey of healing, exploring past lives, between lives, parallel lives and also life inside the womb, to gain insight into karmic patterns effecting your current life and relationships.

You’ll be taping into the unlimited energy of source, your spiritual higher self, and the angelic kingdom, to release blockages of fear, and limitation stored in the bodies energy field. You’ll be guided through the re-birthing process, to reconnect with your inner child, and rediscover that sense of joy, happiness and creativity.

You’ll also learn:

What karma really is and how it works?

The different types of karma

Why you chose your parents (biological/adopted)

+ more

The event will conclude with a sound bath using a 528hz healing pipe. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. There will be plenty of cushions, mats and blankets at the venue. Special Note

Clearing karma is like peeling off the layers of an onion, it is a gradual step by step process. Although giant leaps forward can be made, progress is often the result of previous and ongoing self development work. I would encourage everyone to come along from a place of curiosity, detachment and openness.


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